The left coast

I’m in LA right now visiting my friend Page, and enjoying some R&R here on the coast. The cool thing about this trip is that Page called and asked if I would come out to help him setup his new mac laptop….and he would pay for the plane ticket. After much deliberation (less than three seconds) I took him up on the offer. Yesterday was practically an apple boot camp with me tutoring Page, his friend Marlon, and Steve Austin. Yes, of the WWE. Most surreal moment of the day, sitting between Page and Austin as they discussed computer stuff like a couple of gearheads.

I hope I will be able to meet up with some friends out here for dinner and get caught up. Some I haven’t seen since college, some since last summer and some I saw just a couple weeks ago. The great thing about these people is that eventhough they are now in LA, they’re still the people I became friends with however long ago, and for that I feel pretty fortunate.

As for the NBC Pilot, I got great feedback from the casting directors and my tape got sent to NBC, but I didn’t get selected. I’m ok with that because my main goal was to go in prepared and give a good read, which they tell me I did. I’m still getting some feedback trickling in from “180” as people seem to dig the vibe of the short and enjoy the humor. I’m 25 pages into my next script which I will share more about as it gets closer to being done.

I’ve been doing the moblog thing again and will continue to for the duration of my trip.

Doing this as a monthly (or longer) deal was not my original intent so I will try to be more proactive with the blog.

Hope all is well. Be good.


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