New year, new look

For the last couple of months I have been tinkering with redesigning my site, but I could never come up with something I liked on a platform that allowed me to do everything I wanted to do and keep things simple. Until now. A good friend of mine, Kit Pierce, brought WordPress to my attention so I spent some time reading about the program and trying to see what the potential was for using it to build my site around. Only problem was I had been blogging off and on (more off than on) over at Blogger but I had told only a few people. I ran through the usual questions, “who would read my blog?”, “what do I have to write about?” and “who really cares?” Long story longer, Kit was gracious enough to help me tweak this thing to do what I want it to do and he’s been a huge help. Thanks, to Kit.

Here’s whats new:

My Demo Reel is now online in flash format (thanks, Drew and Rich)

The Gallery section is much better organized and totally automated for me to easily add new stuff (thanks again, Kit.) This means the moblog and Flickr accounts will soon R.I.P.

Here’s what’s old:

The baby pictures. When I first put up the old design I thought it would be funny to use some of my baby pictures because if you’ve ever met me you know how silly I am, that I don’t take my self seriously, and that I pretty much look the same, except taller and my head looks more proportionate to my body. I was amazed to find out that everyone else thought they were funny, too. I would run into people at auditions and other places and they would just start laughing and tell me they had seen the site. When all the redesign ideas were swimming in my head, I just knew the baby pics had to stay. So the header image at the top of each page will randomly pic from an image bank of baby pics, and the obligatory current day shot.

Thanks for checking out my site. I’m going to make blogging a habit and comments are welcomed.

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