U2. ONE. 8.

We just got back from a weekend trip to Washington D.C. to see Bono give a speech entitled “How to live a purpose filled life”. Melinda got the tickets through an association she is a member of and she thought it would be a cool birthday trip. — and it was. The speech focused on American foreign aid to Africa and debt relief for the nation’s poorest countries. It’s astonishing to hear the facts and to learn what an additional 1% of the US Budget can due to stop the spread of AIDS/HIV and Malaria, the #1 killer in Africa. The money buys bed nets, sends kids to school, and provides anti-retroviral medications. Take the time and go get more info at The ONE Campaign’s Website.

Melinda and I had a blast on the trip and crammed as many historical sights in as we could in a short 72 hour trip. I consider myself in good shape, but Friday almost killed me as we walked close to 8 miles in a hurried afternoon jaunt downtown before going to the speech that night. We had no idea our hotel was so far from the National Mall. Ironically, we discovered the city’s Metro subway system the very next day.

You can check out our pictures posted as a gallery of the trip.

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