Diet Pepsi Website + Me = High Comedy

Last weekend, I get an email from my agent telling me that I have an audition for a “Diet Pepsi Website Project” on Saturday. So I go and they explain it’s for a a “Sprockets” parody for the Diet Pepsi website. They play me the song, I dance like an idiot a couple times, they laugh, and I leave thinking what a funny story that will be to tell. Until later that day when they call me and tell me I got the gig and I need to be there at 7:30 the next day. I go, dance in a black unitard to a techo song and think it’s something silly for their website, until I overhear what is was really for.

Anybody see the new P Diddy commercial during the Super Bowl? The one where he decides to sign Diet Pepsi to his label, makes a video and hilarity ensues? Well, there’s another part to it — the videos that got rejected.

You can see it at, then:
– click on rejects
– click on the one bottom left, Klodwig’s Radikals
– laugh at me

Talk about a lucky break…..

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