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So we’re out to lunch with my sister today and Melinda decides to run down the way to pick some stuff up for the Oscar party tomorrow night and I get a text message that says “don’t come down here if you don’t want to see dogs.” Apparently the Frisco Humane Society was at PetSmart with dogs for adoption. Since Elvis passed away in January we haven’t been looking for a dog, but we had decided when the time was right, and we knew we had found the right dog, then we would do it. When I got there, Melinda was hanging around outside (which she never does at these things) and had pointed out some Austrailian Sheppard mixes, and then pointed me to…

Rachel (their name for her), a 1-2 yr old Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner mix. She was hit by a car 3 months ago and her pelvis was broken, but they were able to fix everything without surgery (notice the light patch by her tail). She’s very timid right now, which is understandable given everything she’s gone through and being in a couple foster homes, but she was so sweet and relaxed in my lap. We had to fill out an application with the FHS which means they will come scope out the house and make sure everything is cool before we can get her on Tuesday. They will provide us with all of her medical info and x-rays then, too.

Even if Elvis was still here, he would have taken care of her, too. She’s just too sweet not to love. Now we just have to decide on a name.

UPDATE: We’ve decided to name her Lola. More pictures as soon as she arrives.

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