Welcome Home!

After a long day of waiting, we passed the home visit with flying colors and got to bring Lola home last night. We took her to Petsmart for a bath and picked up some toys and food for her. She is so shy, but not skiddish as she’ll let people pet her and not back away.

We think she might have been someone else’s dog before we got her as she’s housebroken and when we showed her the pet bed we got for her she immediately went to it and slept there all night. She’s knows it is a safe spot for her as she will retreat back there after exploring the house little by little.

We also found out that her accident was in January, so she’s less than 2 months from having her pelvis broken. I have posted (and will continue to I’m sure) pictures in the gallery. The ones with the car are when we dropped her records off at the vet and she was ready to get in the car, but I wasn’t.

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