We visited Dr. Sharp on Monday to get the whole Carfax report on Lola and he thinks that she is between 2 1/2 or 3 years old, is part Brittany not Wemaraner, and her pelvis is still broken but that it has healed somewhat and that the bones have fixed themselves so she’s not in any pain. Dr. Sharp did recommend a 2nd opinion with an orthopedic surgeon about maybe putting a plate in there to fix it, but he said he’s seen cases like this in other dogs and they’re fine. More pupdates as they come through.

3/21: We’ve just returned from a consultation with Dr. Bertrand, an orthopedic specialist, and he says that Lola is going to be fine. He’s amazed at how well she has recovered a mere 9 weeks after suffering multiple pelvic fractures, none of which require surgery to fix. He thinks operating would do more harm than good since she’s walking just fine and able to put weight on her back legs without any sign of pain or lameness. He wants us to keep her exercise restricted for the next 4 weeks, then after that “she’s good to go”. He said that if any health problems (colon blockage, internal obstructions) were going to happen that they would have shown up by now or within the next two months and not further down the road. Thanks for the good news, Dr. Bertrand.

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  1. Yeah for Lola-puppy!!!!! Zoe and Zelda are so glad to hear that their new best friend won’t have to have surgery.

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