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Here’s the deal, we were at Petsmart in Frisco three weekends ago to check out the available dogs from the Frisco Humane Society to see if we could possibly find a friend for Lola. We ended up fostering a puppy for 4 days, and now we’re about to become a 2 dog household. His name is Bobby and he’s a 16 week old Jack Russell/Lab mix (I still can’t picture that). Lola and Bobby got along famously and Lola was a totally different animal when Bobby was with us and we both love him so we’re supposed to pick him up Sunday night for good.

Here’s pictures from the weekend we fostered him.

I want to say thank you again to Daryl, Julie, and the Frisco Humane Society for being so patient with us and for all the great work they do.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, after a month, Bobby and Lola were not getting along as they were at first and we’ve had to return him to the FHS for someone else to adopt. He was a normal puppy, but he was becoming too dominant over Lola (biting, taking her food) and she wasn’t standing up for herself. We know Daryl and the FHS will find a home for him quickly and they want the best for Lola, too.

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  1. FYI,
    Bobby’s pimp name is “Papa B. Squeeze” and he’s gonna want his money on time.

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