The 24 Hour Video Race

I’m beyond tired so here’s the Reader’s Digest version for now:

Every year a thing called “The 24 Hour Video Race” comes along and the idea is that in 24 hours (midnight to midnight), you must complete a 5 minute short film using a specific theme, prop, line of dialogue and a location. This year, Drew, Angela, Wilbur, Josh and I competed in the race under Drew’s direction and excellent script. The theme this year was “cover story”, let’s just say Drew had a masterplan all along.

I’ll talk more about our entry, “Lee”, later but I only got 4 hours sleep last night, and the day started with a 3.5 mile charity walk at 8:00 am so forgive me for being brief.

UPDATE: We advanced to the final round of 6, but placed 3rd. I’ve posted it here.

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