Review: The Da Vinci Code

“The DaVinci Code”
Run time: 2:29

I’m going to avoid all the hubbub about the content of this movie and it’s “assualt” on religion and talk about the film itself. I had not read the book (see a theme with these adaptations?), but I found the hype of this movie being a cross between “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and a edge of your seat thriller to be off the mark. Sure, there’s action. Sure, there’s a mystery to be solved, but it’s not an action packed movie like “MI:3”.

Ron Howard does a great job and he infuses some of his “A Beautiful Mind” imagery in this movie with Tom Hanks’ character having the ability to see things in outside the box. Ok, Howard practically replicates it from “Mind”, but it works here, too.

I found Tom Hanks’ performance to be a tad lackluster, almost wooden, and there is little to no chemistry with the female lead. However, Ian McKellan and Jean Reno are superb in suport, the movie’s pacing is good and the story itself makes you think. Just keep in mind one thing:


Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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