Review: Over the Hedge

“X-Men:The Last Stand”
Run time: 1:27

I love movies like this – meant for kids, but with plenty of references adults will get a chuckle out of. “Over the Hedge” is funny. Really funny. The characters are loveable, the story moves quickly and the all-star cast of voices is the icing on the cake. Bruce Willis is RJ, a racoon who finds himself under a tight deadline to replenish a bear’s food in one week. He stumbles upon a family of animals led by Verne the turtle, voiced by Garry Shandling, who are beginning the process of storing food for the winter. The cast is rounded out by William Shatner, Nick Nlte, Wanda Sykes and Steve Carrell who steals every scene his character, Hammy the squirrel, jitters and jolts into.

“Hedge” is a great movie for kids and adults and a movie I would go see again.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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