Review: X-Men:The Last Stand

“X-Men:The Last Stand”
Run time: 1:44

Yes, one man can ruin a movie — or the absense thereof. Brian Singer’s direction on the first two X-Men movies was great, but I have to admit he had excellent scripts to work with. In this one, not so much. Brett Ratner gets a script that takes one of the comics best storylines ever (Phoenix), leaves out some of the characters from X-Men 2 (Nightcrawler) and sort of grazes over things while tallying a high body count, with some surprises.

The original X-Men was high on action and introduced the characters. X-Men 2, furthered the storylines and delved intot he characters as people. X-Men 3 does neither. If you a huge fan of the comics, you will hate this movie. If you are a fan of the movies, you’ll like it but you won’t be overwhelmed. I’m stuck in the middle.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. Brian,
    I saw X-Men tiwce (yes I have a DLP fetish that required a trip to Cinemark before the leisurely viewing at SMG with Beth) and Ratner’s X-Men was the “Girls Gone WIld” version that only occurs when a director gives in to the voyeuristic impulse to do all the dirty things to a franchise that he knows he shouldn’t, but can’t resist. Put me in the “huge fan of the comics” camp.

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