Yeah, I saw it

I was originally going to title this post “David Stern Can’t Fine Me”, but I’ve had time to settle down and reflect on the Mavericks first ever NBA Finals appearance. As much as Dallasites will complain that Stern and the refs conspired against the Mavs (that call at the end of game 5 was horrible), they did not have any say over the Mavs failing to hold on to a 13 point lead in game 3 and they didn’t cause them to shoot so poorly. Dirk Nowitzki, the playoff MVP until Game 3, struggled to finish the series, and Dwayne Wade was the second coming (of who, depends on who you ask). Pat Riley made some incredible adjustments, but Avery is Coach of the Year. Yeah, the Heat won. Congratulations Miami, everything fell into place, but they won’t be intact next year and the Mavs will.

“Wait ’til next year” is an excuse for some teams. It’s fact for the Mavs.

The light-up pom-poms Melinda so enjoys. I brought mine home for her, unopened, of course.

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