A week 2 weeks in L.A.

I’ve been in L.A. for the last week studying improv at The Second City and I’ll be here another week taking yet another class and filming a short film. I really love improv because it’s not about being big and over the top funny, but about paying attention and letting the audience lead the scene. Last night was the culmination of our week long Immersion Workshop as we put on an hour long show.

It’s been a blast so far and I’ve met some incredibly talented people. I haven’t worked in a group like that and had so much fun and learned so much about people in a week ever. All 18 of us bonded very quickly and made some lasting friendships. Fortunately for me, 4 of those people have joined me for the Film Lab this week so we can carry the momentum over into the film.

I’m sans camera this trip, sorry, but I have had some celeb sightings: Lisa Ling (at Fred Segal), Todd Bridges (getting gas next to me in Venice), Vanessa Angel (from TV’s “Weird Science” also at Fred Segal). Why so many trips to Fred Segal you ask? Because it’s right next door and has a good cafe for the daily breakfast break.

More as it happens…..

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  1. We’re pretty sure the babysitter (we think you call her Diz) is asleep. We had no idea you would be gone so long and we miss you! In fact, Lola ran away the other night in hopes of catching a ride to visit you. Rocky keeps your pillow warm at night, and it might be tough for you to change that habit. Hey – you snooze, you lose, big guy. Hope you come home soon. If not, we’ll just keep digging holes in the yard until we can wiggle free and come rescue you.

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