Review: Beerfest

Run time: 1:50

I don’t drink, but I do enjoy Broken Lizard and “Beerfest” was funny. Not “Super Troopers” funny, but I wasn’t wishing I had passed up the opportunity to see it (see “Idiocracy”). The story is about two brothers that stumble upon the uber-secret (see what I did there) drinking contest called, Beerfest. They challenge the Germans to a rinking contest and are subsequently embarrassed. The brothers come back to America and decide they will return next year with an Amercian all-star team of drinkers.

There some familiar faces in this one, and tons of great references to other movies. I’ll probably own it, being a Broken Lizard fan, but I won’t necessarily pay to see it again. A very solid 3 on my scale.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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