I’ll take Potpurri for $200, Alex

A brief update covering the weekend’s activites:

– Melinda and I went to the State Fair of Texas on Friday and enjoyed the sights and great weather. We did enjoy the required Fletcher’s corny dogs, but missed out on sampling any of this year’s fried delicacies. However, I was tempted to try the Fried PBJ & Banana…

– While at the Fair, I spotted this. Does anyone see any glaring issues that might have been missed during the proofing process? And where does the other gate lead to? Am I the only one puzzled by all of this?

– Bono’s (Product) RED Campaign to aid Africa launched in the US on Friday with a huge push from an appearance on Friday’s Oprah Winfrey show. Companies such as The GAP, Motorola, Apple, Converse and Armani are making special (RED) items for sale with portions off the proceeds benefiting The Global Fund. I Tivo’d the episode and was moved by the mission and the people it’s working for. I already have my (RED) GAP shirt, temporarily changed my accent color on the site to (RED) and I’ve placed a small badge at the top right of my site that is a direct link to the (RED) MySpace page where you can get more info and make a difference. It’s simple: buy a shirt, buy some shoes, buy a phone, make a difference. Go. Now.

– Happy 25th birthday to Kelly Fabulous (not her birth name, of course). We had the honor of being invited to her soiree Saturday night at the Samba Room. It was a wonderful time and we got to meet so many nice people. I’ve yet to hear how late the dancing went so I can only assume everyone danced themselves to sleep. I hope you ladies had a blast.

– Finally, I want to congratulate Daryl and the Frisco Humane Society on Saturday morning’s Barktoberfest event. The weather could not have been any better, the turnout was phenomenal, and Rocky and Lola behaved liked angels. I was the winner of a Chipolte Burritos for 10 pack that included 2 t-shirts, a hat, a visor, a backpack, and a certificate for 10 burritos and all the trimmings. Lucky for me I’ve been to a Chipotle or two in the past. ;)

That’s it for now. Next week I start commuting to LA for The Second City Conservatory program. I want to say thank you again to everyone that has shared their best wishes and kind words. I know I’ve downplayed it a lot, but Melinda assures me this is a big deal and that I shouldn’t discount it. I say it’s just the first step of hopefully some bigger things to come. I’ll be keeping a journal of my weekly visits here and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me.

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