1 down, 23 to go*

Week 1 of the yet to be named journey is complete with little fanfare and nothing exciting to report. I did get to go to the World Premiere (red carpet and all) of my friend DDP’s movie, Driftwood, at Screamfest LA on Friday night at Mann’s Chinese Theater. DDP is a great heel in the movie, takes a good butt-whooping and did a great job.

The first class at Second City was about what I expected with lots of introductions and ground rule exercises. However, I didn’t expect my teacher to be Josh Funk (had I read the class schedule I would have known that, and wouldn’t have gone to the wrong place). I met Josh last month when Melinda and I went out for the “Missing Eunice” premiere and my Conservatory audition. He had a a short called “Josh Funk’s 1000 Lessons of Life” playing in the same block as I did and I thought his movie was flippin hilarious. It’s probably not safe for work due to some blatant innuedo, but well worth the look. Anyway, Josh is a brilliant improviser and works with three improv groups in LA as well as being on MTV’s Wild’n Out. He asked me twice if I was really flying in from Texas for the class. Yes, Josh. Yes.

That would be a natural segue into my LAX experience, but since I have 23 more weeks to go through there, and there’s no telling who’s reading this, I’ll just say it was an experience and avoid Burger King if you’re in a hurry.

I’m not exactly sure what to call these little travelogues, so I’m going to open up the comments section and take your suggestions. If it’s anything like the massive response I got for the “name my book of essays” request then expect them to go unnamed.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles Traveled: 2,470

*Levels 1-3 are 24 weeks total. I have to audition for Levels 4-5.

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