Second verse, not as exciting as the first

I don’t have anything exciting to report for this week’s trip. I went to a Halloween party (sans costume) Saturday night at a friend’s house, class Sunday and I lucked out and got the 4:45 flight out.

I began reading “Naked” by David Sedaris on the flight out, and it’s genius comic prose. I did get some strange looks walking on the plane with the cover in full view. The gentleman next to me on my return flight today looked at it, looked at me, back at the cover, then to me again as if I was brazen enough to read Penthouse Letters in plain view on the flight. I told him it wasn’t that type of book, but neglected to go into any detail.

I also wrote the first chapter of my untitled book of essays. I have the foreward to do and some possible names being kicked around.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles Traveled: 4,940

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