The Space/Time Continuum

Sunday in L.A. I had a friend ask me with my travel and the time change over the weekend, could I be stuck somewhere in time. I laughed it off and wondered if he misplaced his helmet, but then I actually thought about it today.

If I lose 2 hours going to L.A., then “fall back” another hour Saturday night, only to gain 2 hours flying back to Dallas Sunday night, am I one hour behind everyone else here in Dallas? Is my body now on Mountain time instead of Central? Does that mean I’m really one hour ahead of everyone else in L.A.? Where did that hour go? Am I trapped “Somewhere in Time” just like Christopher Reeve?

The irony of this is going to come Sunday when I miss my 4:40 pm Southwest flight out of LAX. Then it has gone from being a funny anecdote to just sad, sad irony.

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