The third time is the charm

I’m not exactly sure what’s so charming about it, or if there is an actual charm I am to recieve for my charm bracelet, but week #3 is in the books. It’s really tough to try and make a 37 hour trip exciting when out of that time 6 of those hours were spent traveling, 2 spent in a layover in Albuquerque, 8 spent sleeping, 1 spent working out, and 3 spent in my Second City class. I stayed with my friend Page again and we spent Saturday evening hanging out and talking about some of his business ventures and then went out to eat.

Tonight, my driver notified me upon my arrival that the storms were especially bad during my proposed landing time and that she was worried. I have to give the pilot a lot of credit because I had absolutely no idea the weather was bad because the landing was so smooth. What did alert me to the storms, besides the half hour delay, was the bright bolt of lightning and instant clap of thunder as we taxied to the gate coupled with the gronud crew’s announcement that the luggage couldn’t be removed immediately due to the threat of lightning. Ah, the joys of carrying on luggage at 12:15 in the morning.

I want to announce that the aforementioned book of essays has been changed to a “year in the life” style journal which has a title, and that these little travelogues will be part of it. I will be writing some content that will not appear on the site immediately but once you read it, everything will make sense. Perfect sense, like flying to LA every weekend for a 3 hour class….

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles Traveled: 7,410

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