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I had been wondering if I was going to get into a groove with the travel and with my class at The Second City, and I can comfortably and emphatically say that I am settling in nicely with the whole routine.

I decided to fly out Saturday afternoon so that would allow me to spend some time with my driver and the pups so things would be semi-normal and give us some weekend time to hang out. After walking the dogs, my driver took me to Chipotle for lunch (our Pre-SC Saturday lunch ritual) and then we headed off to my 2:50 flight.

The flight was great and I spent some time reading on the plane and feeling good, then I went to pick up my rental car from Hertz. I always request a mid-size with Sirius Satellite Radio and so far everything had been right, but this time I was given a Ford Taurus with no Sirius. After 10 minutes getting everything settled I was issued the Jeep Liberty in slot 25 and was on my way, until I got to the parking lot exit and was alerted to the fact that I was given the wrong Jeep Liberty in slot 25. Silly me. I have no idea how I could have gone to the wrong slot 25. The gentleman at the gate was kind enough to fix everything in the system and I was on my way.

I was staying with Page again in Santa Monica and he charged me with stopping by Ralph’s to get steaks for dinner. After a great meal and some time catching up, I headed off to the 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica. I thought I would pick something up for my driver, but instead I spent 2 hours walking around the Promenade empty handed and feeling bad for not having a gift for my return.

On a side note, Page heads back to Africa next weekend and will be gone for a month working on the new Wesley Snipes movie, Gallowwalker. He heads to Namibia for 2 weeks, goes to New York to do a week of promotion for his new audiobook, then goes BACK to Namibia for his final week of shooting. It’s a 39 hour flight to Namibia, one-way, and it’s going to be a brutal travel schedule.

Sunday brought session number four at Second City and I can safely say that this was the day the class clicked as a group. Weeks 1-3 were introductions and basics. Week 4 was when everybody gave the collective head nod and really turned things up. One of the things in improv is called “giving your partner a gift” when your partner will assign you a characteristic and it’s yours, and you have to go with it. In one of my scenes, my partner Mike introduced me as his grandfather…with tourettes…that clucks. That’s the beauty of this stuff, I was immediately a clucking octogenarian with tourettes, and we had the class rolling.

On top of this, I found out The Second City is moving it’s headquarters from it’s Melrose location next to The Improv to their Hollywood location. From what I’ve heard, they’re sinking a bunch of cash into the Hollywood location that will have classrooms, a 50 seat theater, The Second City offices and….an office for a NBC Talent Scout. My teacher, Josh, filled us in that The Second City has signed a deal with NBC. This is going to be interesting for me as a student at SC.

I was so encouraged by today’s class that I wasn’t that mad with the beating I took in fantasy football this week (being 2-8 is awesome). It’s hard to pinpoint the best part of today, but one of the highlights was when my classmate Annie told me about the American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Challenge. It’s an unpublicized program that gives me 90 days to accrue 10k points, and if I meet this target I am automatically an AAdvantage Platinum member until March 2008. So if I do the quick math, I fly 2,400 miles a week 4 times a month, and I’m going to Hawaii at the end of December. I think I’ll be able to squeak in under the wire.

When I arrived home tonight, I told my driver about my fruitless shopping trek and how great class was, and she was kind enough to point out the irony of learning how to give a gift in class and returning home empty handed. I love my driver.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles Traveled: 9,880

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