Review: Casino Royale

“Casino Royale”
Run time: 2:24

When Daniel Craig was named the new James Bond, everyone lined up to pee on his parade. I wasn’t as skeptical after seeing him in “Layer Cake”, but I was eager to see what he did with the role.

“Casino Royale” is the “Batman Begins” of Bond films. The one that takes the origin of the character and updates it with the times without going against or disturbing the cannon.

It’s all there, the opening¬†credits complete with song and title specific graphics (diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts), the action, the car chases, and most importantly….the Bond girls.

Craig’s performance is stoic, but strong, with the requisite charm for being Bond, and the movie had a couple of false finishes which was kind of frustrating because it felt like 3 movies in one towards the end. The movie delivers on action and Craig is jacked, and locked in for 2 more movies.

If you can, check out some of Daniel Craig’s previous work and then enjoy “Casino Royale”.

Rating: 005 out of 007

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