6 geese a laying…

First off, I realized weeks ago that I’ve painted myself into a corner with the whole “using the number in the title” thing, and quite frankly at some point I’m going to have to cry uncle and stop trying. Sure 1-13 should be easy, but I’ve got nothing for 14, not many people are going to understand a QuinceaƱera reference (get caught up here), and Sweet 16 is too obvious. What if week 16 sucks? I’m not going to lie about it just so the title works….and now I feel alot of pressure to win something next week so “Lucky 7” isn’t a boldface lie, either. With all of that said, it’s the first weekend of December and this title works. So myah.

My driver made plans on Saturday night so I was in charge of my own transportation this week. She tells me “the date was a blast”, whatever that means. My silly driver.

This trip brought the most celebrities yet: Deion Sanders and the UCLA women’s diving team on my flight out, and Eric from Broken Lizard at the Apple Store in Santa Monica Saturday night. The UCLA girls caused a minor panic on the flight after we landed and cell phones were ok to use. They all started screaming “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!” repeatedly. Mind you there were 6 of them, so 6 college girls screaming can get an entire airplane’s attention (I have no idea if Deion turned around from first class), but they did cause quite a clammer (December reference #2 – I can do that it’s my blog) after learning their football breathren had defeated #2 USC 13-9. When we left Dallas, UCLA was up 7-0 and they shouted in the airport then, too. (Side note: there was a kid, at least 10-12 years old, wearing a stovepipe hat on my flight. Traveling with his dad, he was smartly dressed in a blue button down shirt with jeans and nice belt, a guitar in soft gig bag over his shoulder….and a stovepipe hat. I can’t mock the kid for his choice of headwear, but come on it is an odd choice. I tried to snap a cameraphone pic of him with his dad as we deplaned but they took a hard right into the bathroom and I didn’t want to be that guy.)

Sunday’s class was the culmination of classes 1-5. Josh has given us a 4 point checklist of things that we must establish in the scene for it to work and today was all about hitting those points and getting the scenes to work as fast as we could. I really love listening to Josh teach because he’s been doing it for so long that he can break something down before it even starts…or he’s seen so much bad improv he can see a crap scene coming from a mile away. The motto of The Second City is “Dare to fail.” Dare to walk in front of a group and make a bold choice and go with it. If it works in class it’s almost always going to work in front of an audience. If it blows up, it blows up. That’s what we’re there to do – learn. The next 2 weeks are going to be more of that same idea, getting in there and making sure we instinctively accomplish the points on that checklist and keep coming together as a group. I spoke to a couple of my friends in class and they’re in on Sundays for Level 2 which is great because I’ll continue to grow with the people from my July Immersion and film workshops.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 14,820

Platinum Challenge Points: 3,089

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