The 313

…and what does that equal? You got it, I found a way to back into this number in the title dilemma. I am going to go ahead and tell you right now, next week’s entry will be titled “8 is enough”. It has a couple of meanings since it’s the end of Level 1 at Second City, and it will be the last week I fumble through using a number in the title.

This weekend (is it really a weekend when you’re there less than 24 hours?) brought the most celeb sightings to date. So here we go with the lightning round…

Saturday night:

– Went with my friend Allison to see my teacher Josh Funk and his improv group The 313 at IO West. One of the members of the group is Larry Joe Campbell from “According to Jim”. A special hello goes out to Josh’s lovely wife Nyima.

– Right after The 313’s show, Neil Flynn’s (the janitor from “Scrubs”) group Beer Shark Mice performed and they were really funny, too. However, David Koechner was not in attendance.

– After hanging out with Allison, Josh, Nyima and some others for a bit, I left IOW at midnight, but didn’t get my car out of the valet lot a block away until 12:30. Yes, I waited for HALF A FRIGGIN HOUR for my car. I should have known it was going to be a long wait when I walked to the lot and they were literally moving cars to move other cars to put cars in the parking structure across the street. Ugh.


– The penultimate Level 1 class brought “The 60 Second Rule” and practice, practice, practice. This was a great challenge as Josh gave us a checklist to accomplish several items within the first 60 seconds of the scene. I would love to say it wasn’t a trick to learn and implement, but after a couple rounds I nabbed it and really did some good stuff….or at least I seem to think I did.

– During the break from class, I walked next door to Fred Segal for a drink and I saw Sean Hayes from “Will & Grace” chatting it up with two guys in the cafe area. He was taller than I expected and was wearing a retro Mavs t-shirt (points in my book).

– And the final celeb sighting of the weekend — IVAN DRAGO. While waiting on stand-by to board the early flight home I saw a tall, lean, mean looking man with a shaved head, crushed velvet jacket, jeans and work books walking towards the gate and I said to myself “I must break you.” Now this is no indictment of Mr. Lundgren that he is a mean man since I base this only on seeing him walk right past me, but he could probably still knock anybody out.

So there it is, week #7 in a nutshell. I’m working on some things behind the scenes and could possibly have an announcement as early as next week.

Wayne, get back to work.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 17,290

Platinum Challenge Points: 4,314 (roughly)

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