Week 10: Larry King style

Having a driver is one of the finer things in life. Everybody should have one…Is it just me or is “CBS Eye on American” the best in-flight entertainment out there?….Can you name an airline with a better $5 Turkey Chibatta sandwich? I can’t…Knocked out “Who’s Your Caddy” by Sports Illustrated Writer Rick Reilly. If only Bobby Jones were still alive today…Going straight from the airport to IO West for the 313 and Beer Shark Mice shows is better when the 405 isn’t backed up…Found the best $3 slice ever walking from IO West to Second City on Hollywood Boulevard. The pizza itself was the size of grown man curled up into the fetal position…The Second City Improv Jam is one of the best kept secrets in LA. It even attracts kids….Have you ever laughed harder than seeing an 11 year old dragging himself on the ground by his arms and asking “Where’s Greg?” in a high pitched female’s voice? I see big things in his future…I would have to say a surreal moment is being asked to create a MySpace page for Ike Turner’s wife…I enjoyed seeing the first half of the Mavs/Heat game, but last year’s Finals still brings back painful memories…Had a huge breakthrough in class this week…Preparing for next week’s inaugural Level 2 show I discovered that long form improv is better than short form and you really have to be quick of mind and foot…Is there a funnier lexicon for using the restroom than “Dropping a Deuce”?…Great to see my friends at Carl’s Jr. on Fairfax…Dwayne Wade just got fouled again…I’ve seen the same “CBS Eye in American” 4 times over the last 2 weekends and it’s still funny…There is no funnier tag-team in comedy than Fred & Ethel Murtz…Kevin James is the most agile big man in comedy today. I don’t care who says Georgie Gessel…Sleeping on planes is like waxing a car with your shoulderblades.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 24,700

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