Week 12: “On the lot” or “25 hours in a day”

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man I wish I had more hours in a day”? Have you ever looked at your watch and realized you’ve been awake for over 24 hours and realized how completely asinine that notion is? That was Saturday for me, but with the caveat that I was working on a short film so it was so worth it. I was going to write this post in the vein of “24”, but I’ve propped myself up here at the desk to write this tonight and I’m not sure it would be funny. So here’s how it all went down:

Thursday night I got a frantic call from my friend Todd Deeken who needed to know if I was coming in this weekend and, if so, would I be available for a short film he’s shooting for the Steven Spielberg produced reality show “On The Lot”…and oh, by the way I couldn’t be in a union. I called him back and after a 20 minute strategy session, we had it all figured out: I was going to resign from AFTRA since it wasn’t doing anything for me, I would catch a 7:30 am flight Saturday morning, I would miss my poker game with Kevin Smith Saturday night, and I really wanted to be in this short.

Friday was spent trying to get my resignation handled with the membership ladies at AFTRA in NY, and it went to the wire as I got everything wrapped up at 3:45 pm. Todd sent the script over and I couldn’t wait to do this.

Saturday (24 style):

5:20 am wake up at home
5:40 am rent car online
5:45 am leave for airport
6:30 am arrive at airport
7:35 am board
8:00 am leave DFW
9:20 am arrive LAX
9:40 am arrive at Page’s, spend some time catching up and talking business
12:10 pm leave for Thousand Oaks
1:00 pm arrive on set
2:00 pm begin shooting
8:00 pm dinner break
8:30 pm resume shooting
3:00 am finish shooting
3:25 am leave set
4:10 am arrive back at Page’s
4:15 am go to sleep

So with the time change, that’s a hair under a 25 hour day. I can’t complain at all, but I will mention it was 38 degrees in Thousand Oaks and my wardrobe was a button up shirt and jeans. I have to give a huge shout out to Todd, Greg, Jeff, Lance and Jonathon who braved the cold and made sure things were running smoothly and efficiently. I have never been on a more relaxed and friendly set. Everyone was so nice and it was truly a group effort to make this work. Thanks again, gentlemen. Hopefully, I’ll have a copy soon and maybe I can show you guys. Let’s see what Todd says.

Line of the night from the shoot, from my 22 year old co-star Amanda after shooting a scene where she opens the door and it happy to see me: “I was imagining Richard Branson’s hot son when I opened the door. That really helped.” Oddly enough, I was doing the same thing….

Today started at 8:00 am with Page downstairs going through a speech at full volume. Fortunately, I feel right back asleep until the alarm went off at 10:30. Class was more character work and the challenge of finding character traits to use and then turning them up to 11. I enjoy watching my classmates work because they are just so fearless and will really throw it out there and it’s so fun to watch and learn from. A special hello to Sarah Gee and her M&Ms.

I walked on the 5:10 flight home, but I feel like I got hit by the 1:00 train. Ugh. I’m off to bed.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 29,640


  1. I was tired just reading that. I’m glad you had a blast but I still missed you at the game. Maybe next month. :)

  2. Hey… I came off rather well in that whole sleep-less description. Huh. After the cold and long hours I would have expected at least a mind tell-off. It’s a blog afterall!

    But I’m the one blessed to have had your work.

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