Week 13: Thanks, driver

While getting ready to leave yesterday, my driver asked if I wanted her to drive me to the airport and pick me up tonight, but I said no because she has to get up early tomorrow and go to Corpus Christi for work. “But how will I ever get any mentions if I don’t drive you?”. Ha. Ha. I told her that if she picks me up Sunday that she’ll be too tired Monday for her trip. Lost that one. My driver got sick earlier this week and I told her she better not get me sick or I’d be po’d. Lost that one, too.

Week 13 was uneventful, but class was a great learning experience. Level 2 is all about character development and today was more of the same. Exercises to find a character’s facial expressions, posture, movements, voice and demeanor. Scenes to determine these variables quickly and then get the scene on it’s feet (exposition, finding the game of the scene, heightening the game) and doing it quickly. I really loved class today, but I would have loved it more if I didn’t feel like like crud. My next show is March 4 at 4:00.

Celebrity sightings at LAX today: Sigourney Weaver with a group of teenagers and Michael Irvin and family returning from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Thanks to my driver for picking me up tonight and for bringing me a bottle of water and homemade peanut butter snacks even though she has to be up tomorrow at 5:30 am.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 32,110

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