Review: Music & Lyrics

Review: “Music and Lyrics”
Run time: 1:36

Hugh Grant has built a career as the sullen yet charming Englishman with a gift for wooing the ladies. Now you can add singing to his repertoire. Grant is Alex Fletcher, the lesser known keyboardist from a Wham!-esque 80’s pop band called, ironically, POP. Now washed up and touring state fairs as a one man show, he’s hired to write a song for Cora Corman the current hot female starlett. The trick is Flecther only has one week to come up with the tune, is given the title “Way Back Into Love” (it’s the title Corman’s favorite book), and isn’t the only artist competing for the songwriter’s spot. Did I mention Fletcher’s never written lyrics before? Oh, how will he ever make it…? Enter offbeat plant waterer Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) who happens to utter out a few lines while Fletcher is trying to hammer something out to go with his beautiful melody, and the rest, they say, is a romantic comedy.

Grant and Barrymore have great chemistry on-screen. Her cheery persona balances out his wry, sarcasm. Brad Garrett has some good lines as Fletcher’s agent, but Kristen Johnson (formerly of 3rd Rock from the Sun) gets big laughs with as Sophie’s POP obsessed sister. Of course, we did see this on Valentine’s Day at Studio Movie Grill so we were obviously there to see this type of movie.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

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