Week 15: I love have to fly and it shows can be a pain

So I discovered last week that there was an interactive even going on where you could hold an actual Oscar statuette. It was running until 5:00 Saturday afternoon and I had decided to catch a 10:30 am standby flight and attend the interactive event with some friends from Second City. So I get up early, drive to the airport and check in, only to find out that I had misread the AA website and it was as 10:30 pm flight. I’m a genius.

While at the airport, not only did I find out that I’m not the sharpest knife in the door early in the morning, but that the high winds had cancelled my normal 5:00 flight, and every other flight that day. While it meant I would get to spend a Saturday at home, it also meant I would not get to hold an Oscar. So on the drive back home, I spent close to a half hour on hold with American and found out the only flight leaving on Saturday was the 10:30 pm flight. You know, the one I had checked in stand by for at 9:00 that morning. I ended up getting a confirmed seat, and I had a Saturday at home for the first time in a couple months. I got to spend some time with my driver and she forced me to go to her favorite restaurant (see last post) and watch the Mavs game. My driver rules.

I have it setup on the American site where it will email me flight updates as they happen. So during dinner my 10:30 pm flight was delayed to 11:15, and by the time we finished dinner it was delayed to 11:45. I tucked my driver and the pups into bed and the left the house around 10:30. When I got to the airport the flight was delayed to 12:15 am and the gate was SWAMPED. As in people sleeping on cots at the terminal swamped. The flight was delayed again to 12:30 am, but thanks to a mechanical failure we didn’t take off until close to 1:00 am.

I was awakened Sunday by my brother-in-law letting me know that American had cancelled all of their Eastbound flights for the day already. So after another half hour wait, I was told that my normal Sunday flight had been cancelled and I had been put on a 6:00 am flight Monday morning to San Francisco, landing DFW at 2:30. WRONG. The rep told me if I was willing to leave out of Orange County or Burbank I could get a 3:00 pm flight nonstop out of Burbank landing at 9:00. Sold. Mind you, I still have ot go to class.

Sunday’s class was GREAT. I had an almost perfect scene with Mike and got 4 donuts out of the deal. Quick reminder, my last Level 2 show is next week at 4:00 at the Second City Training center on Hollywood Boulevard.

With the travel delays I was able to watch the Oscars at my friend Todd’s. I thought the show was good, but not overly exciting. I was happy to see “Little Miss Sunshine” wins some awards, especially Second City alum Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor.

Monday brought the celebrity sightings of the weekend, “Prison Break’s” Dom Purcell and William Fichtner (Agent Mahone) on my flight out of Burbank. I have hit the trifecta of all 3 lead actors in the last week. That might mean something to somebody.

I know I said the Q/A was coming with this update, but you’ll have to wait for it as the update in two weeks on my week off between Levels 2 and 3. Some good questions in so far, thanks to everyone for their comments and emails. That’s it. I’m dead tired. The winds have caused me to miss an audition today and has completely jacked my schedule up this week.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 37,050

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