March 18, 2007 Brian

I want to start of by saying thank you to everyone for the input and response to last week’s Q & A. I appreciate everyone taking the time to check it out and to send in their thoughts. As I keep getting more questions, I’ll throw them up here. Now, on to week 17…

I have to admit, there were some nerves going into this weekend and Level 3. It could either be the end of the line for me, or the calm before the Level 4 & 5 storms.

With last week off, I forgot to book my flight in time so I burned 90,000 frequent flier miles and had to go first class. Ouch.

Saturday night I was at SC for my friend’s Mike and Allison’s show called “The Engagement Party”. I love those guys and the show was fabulous. After the show, we headed down to Improv Olympic to talk about the show and catch up.

So Sunday brought the opening week of level 3 and CLASS ROCKED. Ho. Lee. Crap. Did it ever. Class is taught by Rick Kuhlman, a guy that’s done a thing or two in LA.

Today was all about film genres. Rick gave us a list of genres (western, musicals, horror, sci-fi, etc) which was then followed by a group discussion of the genre’s staples and characteristics (horror movie – guy with drugs always gets killed, same for the slutty girl). After the discussion, Rick wanted a 2 person scene. Well, they started with 2 people, Rick said anyone could jump up at any time but only if it contributed to the scene and further the exposition. We were all so on today that every scene ended up with all 7 of us up there making it work. I was encouraged when we came together at the end of Level 2 to plan our show on our own, but today solidified that when we were completely in tune. Specifically, when the musical scene started out as a woman and a priest in a church talking about their forbidden love then having it turn into a full 6 person stage production, complete with choreography. The only reason the scene ended was because Stephanie had no idea we were going to lift her up from behind by her arms and carry her across the stage, causing her to break out laughing.

The first 16 weeks was worth it for today. I have a little newfound confidence that I’m doing the right thing.

Next week brings film directors and our first show Sunday night at 4:30 pm. If you’re in town, please swing by and say hello. Tom – if you and Kelly come to the show CALL ME AND LET ME KNOW. :)

UPDATE:OH! I can’t believe I forgot about Ellen’s pin. Here’s the story, almost everyone knows about the baby picture I use on myspace and here on the site that has become my unofficial calling card. Well when I walked into class Sunday, I saw this and literally guffowed. At the break, I took this picture in front of SC and literaly seconds after taking it, my buddy Craig saw the pin, shared the same laughter I did, and asked begged Ellen for the pin, which she obliged. Ellen then said she was going to make a whole batch of them. Hopefully, this won’t be the mark I leave on Second City.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 41,990

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