Week 18: American Airlines can eat me

Yeah, I said it — EAT ME.

Sometimes, booking 2 weeks in advance is a good thing and allows me to snag a low fare. However, the flip side is booking 2 weeks in advance not knowing that you will be having a 4:30 pm show…..and a 5:55 pm return flight. After several phone calls and discussions of alternatives, I was forced to stick with my 5:55 flight and miss this week’s show. Had I known the schedule in advance this problem would have never arisen, but it was either come home as planned, pay $750 extra to take the red-eye, or leave Tuesday morning at 6:00 am for $100.

I won’t even mention the 3 hour delay Saturday when the plane was decommissioned after boarding and we had to wait for another plane to materialize. Add to that, the entertainment system not working and you have the makings of what equates to an angry mob at 35,000 feet.

The first half of class was great, but I was forced to sit and watch the second half as my classmates prepared for the show. Several of them have emailed me to let me know the show went phenomenally well and how much fun they had.

Here’s the last little nugget of good humor — I have to burn my last 50,000 frequent flier miles just to get out there next week. Did I mention I have to first PAY them to “borrow” miles from my driver to accomplish this? You can only imagine how smooth that process is going to be.

Delta, you are on deck.

UPDATE 3/28: My nasty complaint email was met with AA’s apology and olive branch of 6,000 frequent flier miles. I also was able to get the shared miles situation solved and my flights for Sunday booked, but not after purchasing 4,000 additional miles after being told the original miles would not be there in time. Brtual.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 44,460

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