Week 19: Turnaround

Saturday morning I had a meeting with casting director Shari Rhodes in the morning, but a camera snafu caused me to have to reschedule for later this week. Shari has done a ton of casting for some big name movies and she’s very active in casting movies still today. Lucky for me I knew how to fix the camera and hopefully, that will land me a job on one of Shari’s movies.  :)

Saturday night, my driver and I saw the best Desperados game ever. There was a racous crowd from Austin in attendance and they had reason to gloat early as the Wranglers were up 30-7 at one point. However, the Desperados came back to score the game winning touchdown on an onside kick with under a minute to go, and all the Austin fans could do is stand there mouthes agape. I could not stop saying “What a game.” for the rest of the night. On top of that, I won a game ball as part of some Discover card promotion. Dallas is 5-0 now going into a short week with a game against Columbus on Thursday.

So today was the first experiment of doing all of my LA traveling in one day. I was up at 6:45 am this morning for an 8:25 am flight. I left the house at 7:10, sans driver, and was at the airport by 7:45. I was traveling light (read as, just me) and was able to sleep through the morning flight and arrived with plenty of time to get to class. I was feeling ok about this decision for a bit, until something came up (see below).

Week 3 of level 3 covered the last bit of directors on our list and we got into some eras. I have to say watching a scene about teenage pregnancy in the Egyptian era is pretty funny…just not as funny as a skit about monks in the middle ages with ED.

The big news out of today is that I have been invited to join the improv group “The Amigo Friends”. I can’t tell you how much this boosts my confidence knowing that my work has been noticed enough to get me some extra stage time each week. Our first show next Saturday (4/7) at the Second City Training Center, with another show next Saturday (4/14). If you’re in the area, stop by. Tickets are only $5 and you get 2 half hour shows (us and another group). If anyone needs more information, holler at me.

So, this week’s theme was “turnarounds”. The Desperados turning around a huge deficit. Being asked to join an improv group and starting to turnaround my confidence. The one day turnaround of travel to LA. If this were an after-school special, or episode of “South Park”, I would talk about what I learned today, which was that the one day travel plan is probably not going to stick….and I’m in a LA improv group.    :)

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 46,930

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  1. The “Amigo Friends”, is that like “ichiban #1!”? I cant really be sure because I dont speak Texan. Seriously though, congrats that is awesome.

    It also sounds like once again in adult life, being one of the A/V nerds in High School comes in Handy.


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