Week 24: 2 to go

For the last week of Level 3 I decided to go stand-by on an early afternoon flight so I could run some errands and catch up with some friends. A few days before I took off, my friend Jason Dilks emailed me to let me know he would be in LA on a lengthy layover on his way back to DC from Australia and wanted to meet up for lunch, if possible. I landed at 1:35 and had a voicemail from Jason telling me he was waiting for his 2:30 flight. As soon as I deplaned, I headed to the monitors to check departures to DC. Sure enough, the DC flight was leaving out of 48A the very same gate I just arrived at. As I headed back towards the gate, I noticed a practically comatose Jason sitting with his eyes glazed, staring right through me with no idea I was there. Once he finally snapped out of it and recognized me, we spent 20 minutes catching up and he presented me with a New South Wales Waratahs rugby jersey from his trip to Australia. Thank you, JD.

After meeting up with Jason, I headed to Santa Monica for a quick shopping trip at the 3rd Street Promenade and lunch at Hooter’s. I had to be at Second City at 6:30 for rehearsal so I decided to stop by shoe boutique Undefeated on La Brea. It’s a small store and it was a quick trip, but as I was halfway through the store a gentleman in jeans, sportscoat and hiking boots with a patchy, scruffy beard walked in. The store employee greeted him as if he was a regular and asked if this guy was “in to buy more gifts.” The gentleman said he was in to buy some shoes for a friend in from Paris. No big deal so far. I hit the back of the store and realize this gentleman is now standing right next to me. He’s shorter, his face is slightly pudgy, and his voice is semi-recognizable. I glanced and out of the corner of my eye I see….Keanu Reeves. I guess due to his Matrix earnings, he would be the biggest celeb sighting so far.

From there it was over to the theatre to rehearse for the 8:00 Amigo Friends show. I love, love, love this group because there are 8 other genius improvisers and it just allows me to stand there and watch them sometimes and throw out a line or play the straight guy. I equate it to batting 9th for the old Murder’s Row from baseball lore. For being Cinco de Mayo and the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight starting at 9:00, we had a pretty good turnout and another really strong show.

After the show, I got the chance to have drinks with my friend Jason McAfee. Jason wrote and directed the feature film I did 2 summers ago called “Hat Trick” (now available on Netflix – cheap plug) and was in town for an interview to get into the Director’s Guild Internship Program. Jason is an extremely bright and well read guy. He had a short film, Saint Zen, in this year’s AFI Dallas Film Festival. Remember the name because he’s going to be a household name. Good luck to you Jason on your follow up interview at the DGA on Monday.

Around 11:00, I finally called uncle and decided to call it a night. I was staying in Glendale with Todd and was met with unbelievably horrendous traffic trying to get to the 101. Apparently, the Hollywood Bowl had a concert and, like everything else in LA sometimes, it effects the flow of traffic for miles. It took me 30 minutes to get from Second City through the Hollywood and Highland intersection (normally a 2 minute process). Todd sent me directions and I managed to get over to the 134 using a series of shortcuts. Once I got there, we were up until 1:30 talking about the projects we’re helping each other with (script and website).

Today, I went over to Hollywood early to grab a bite and chat with classmate Tyler at Starbuck’s before class. Tyler’s a fellow Texan so I’m compelled to take him under my wing and mentor him. He has the drive and desire for improv and he’s constantly thinking about sketch ideas and what he can do to get better.

The final class of level 3 was an intro to Level 4 and recap of 3. We had some great sketch ideas come out of that class and I’m very, very excited going into Level 4. I have 2 sketch ideas already with hopefully more to come. Thanks to Rick Kuhlman for his help and guidance through Level 3.

When it was finally time to head home, I got to the airport and found out I had booked myself on the 7:30 flight, not the 5:20. I switched over to go stand by at 5:20 but, of course, it was delayed until 6:45 so it was back to Chili‚Äôs just like last Sunday. I spent the trip home the same way I spent going out, reading “The Writer’s Journey” as I continue moving forward on a script.

I just got home (around 12:30) and I look forward to having next weekend off. So until then, be good.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 59,280

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