Week 25: Flap spackle

(Editor’s note: I didn’t publish this when I got home like I originally thought. Sorry it’s late.)

We’re starting early for this one as I spent Friday night in Ft. Worth at Funimation doing voiceovers for “Hell Girl” and “Suzuka”. I was in a sound booth with 3 other guys to do “walla”, or background dialogue, and some one liners for HG and then read some lines for Suzuka in a separate studio right after that since I was booked for a 2 hour session. It’s a really odd process because these are Japanese cartoons that have been licensed for US broadcast on Cartoon Network, so the cartoon is set to sync with Japanese, not English. So when you get a script and you have to read your lines, they want you to “match the flaps”, or sync your lines with the character’s flapping mouth. When your line isn’t long enough, no matter how incredibly slow you read it, they will adjust the line with additional words to fill in the missing flaps. These new lines are called “flap spackle.” I had a great time working with those guys and I hope to be in there more often because it really is a very cool experience.

Saturday was slow, with the typical activities – morning workout, lunch with my former driver, and then off to LA. When I got to LA I fixed booking snafu since I had booked a 5:20 return flight for Sunday, but I had a 5:00 show at Second City. Luckily for me, my favorite AA gate agent Ember was working at my arrival gate and was kind enough to get the return flight straightened out for me. So thank you again, Ember.

Saturday night was dinner with Todd and Paul to discuss their tv pilot and accompanying website I’m helping them build. I was staying at Todd’s for the night so the discussion went on for a bit then dissolved in to a “Top Gear” marathon and several levels of Black on PS2.

This morning I was awakened by Todd’s dog, Sierra, pouncing on top of me with glee and excitement. Todd tells me whoever stays in that bedroom, Sierra goes crazy for. Very true, and she is very sweet. LOL. Breakfast was a walk down the street to Ralph’s with Todd that can only be summarized as ridiculously long lines for oatmeal breakfast cookies and milk. I guess they only have 2 cashiers to handle the Sunday morning rush. Ugh.

Today was the first class of level 4 and we were introduced to our teacher for levels 4 & 5 – Craig Cackowski. I’ve seen him work before and I have heard nothing about him from other students besides one word “Genius”. He came prepared with a handout and spent the first hour of class getting to know us. We have 2 new people in our group now, Maria and Angela. Maria has been in some of our other classes for makeups and she’s really clever, and I had seen Angela in some shows and I really like her character work. So now there’s 8 of us, 5 girls, 3 guys, I’m not sure I like those odds. ;)

After class, we had a 2 hour break so I headed to Johnny Rocket’s in the Hollywood & Highland complex with classmates Mike, Tyler and Maria. On the way there, Mike, Tyler and I realized that our group has lost 10 people since Level 1 (Paul, Kelly, Steve, Erika, Annie, Christina, Emilio, Celeste, Ed and somebody else whose name eludes me, sorry). To think the immersion workshop I was in last summer had 17 people, only 7 of us moved on to the conservatory, and from that only 4 of us are left. Wow.

The show was GREAT. This group is just getting better and better every week. I’m just lucky to be here. When I see this group work I find myself standing back and watching. I can only compare it to batting 9th for the Yankees.

After the show I only had about 45 minutes to get the rental car returned and over to airport. The flight was delayed 10 minutes (shock) and I walked up a minute or two before they started boarding. I passed Scottie Pippen in the gate area and R&B star Kirk Franklin was in 1st class on my flight (3rd time to see him). I landed at C2 so I didn’t have to take the tram for a change and could go straight to my car.

Website wise, I’m working on some new stuff potential new design ideas and you can now register for updates which means as I publish new content it will be emailed right to you as soon as I hit the button. (Update: I found an easier way to do it and I’m going to test it for a couple of days to make sure it’s a simple process, sorry Go to the subscribe page to sign up.)

I’m off to Vegas next weekend for vacation and anniversary. Yes, I see the irony that I choose to get back on a plane and travel for a vacation. I’m also putting a moratorium on movie reviews for now due to time constraints. The last movie I saw was Spiderman 3 out of 5. I really wanted more out of the villains and the song and dance numbers were laughable.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 61,750

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  1. Hey look! Sierra got a Shout Out. She’d be thrilled if she could read… or type. But more importantly, TOP GEAR got a mention. If you aren’t addicted to this show yet, then you probably just haven’t seen it.
    And I say that as a guy making a competing show…. Lord help me.

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