Week 29: The lady is a champ

(I thought I had published this last week, sorry it’s a week late.)

Friday, my driver took us to Austin with my mom, sister and grandmother. We were on our way down for her cousin Jim’s wedding and my mom and sister were going to catch up with an old friend. We had a short stop in Waco to drop my grandmother off with my Aunt then it was on to Austin where we would drop off drop off my mom and sister.

I had scheduled an agent meeting in Austin and was told to arrive “by 3:00”, and thanks to traffic through downtown, I arrived at “2:54”. Fortunately for me they understood the traffic issue and had a cancellation on their end so “by 3:00” turned into “by 3:30”. The meeting went well, so we’ll see what happens.

From the meeting, we headed downtown to the rehearsal then to North Austin for dinner. Of course, I left stuffed. We spent the night with my driver’s mom.

Saturday morning I went to the outlet mall in Round Rock before we had to get ready and head to the wedding at 1:00. My driver was a reader in the ceremony, and being way to prepared, we got there way too early. As in, an hour too early.

About 5 minutes before the ceremony, with the pews full, her cousin Jim’s mic was live in the dressing room. Our assumption was that the videographer’s equipment was interfering with, and being picked up by, the church’s equipment. It was very similar to a scene out of a movie and Jim continued to laugh and chat with his groomsmen all the while wearing a live mic. Fortunately, nothing ribald made it out of the air and his dad went back to let him know his mic was live.

The ceremony was nice, and my driver read well.

One of my driver’s other cousins, Ty, plays professional basketball in Germany and he brought his girlfriend, Amelie, to the States for a 2 week trip and for the wedding. After the ceremony, Amelie asked “What is a reception?” One of my driver’s relatives simply answered “It’s a party.”

And how was it a party. This family doesn’t joke around. Let me just give you the timeline foe the day’s festivities:

Wedding @ 2

Reception @ 3:30

Roof toop party 9-11

? until ?

I heard rumors of the party extending to 6th Street until after 2 am.

I do want to give a shout out to Cherie and let you know I do accept your Guitar Hero Challenge. Bring it.

Today I was up at 6:30 up in Austin, left the hotel by 7:00 and had arrived and checked into the airport by 7:20. I was forced to
wander around the small Bergstram airport until my 8:50 flight, then it was time to board and nighty nighty to LA.

Upon arrival, I got my car and headed towards Second City. I had time to grab Quizno’s at the Hollywood & Highland complex. Then the day took off like a blur….

12-3 class to work on ideas for tonight’s show.

3-4 to La Cantina as a group with Craig.

4-4:30 warm up, rehearse the mirror sketch with Mike, and go over Mike’s mafia book club idea for the 1st time.

4:30-5 show, some good stuff to build on.

5-5:30 notes from Craig then off to LAX.

When I got to LA, I saw my normal 4:55 flight had been moved to 10:30. Fortunately, I was taking the 7:35 flight this time and had a confirmed seat. With the delays, my flight has 66 people on stand by.

While I’m waiting to board the plane when a very attractive female walks up and stands next to me waiting to board. I thought I recognized her, but I didn’t think much of it, and didn’t want to stare (I failed). When boarding time comes, she gets in line right in front of me and we’re the first two people to board the regular cabin. As fate would have it, we were both on the same exit row. She picks up her bag to put in the overhead bin, it gets stuck on the top latch and I offer to help since I was tall enough to see the snag. I help her put the bag in and she sits by the window. I normally sit by the window on the exit row and I say to her “I think I have the window seat.” She looks at her ticket and says “No, 13C. I have the window, but I’ll fight you for it.” At this point, I realized where I recognized her from — she’s Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy.com girl and, as I would learn later, the current WWE Women’s Champion. For those of you that don’t know who she is…

“Why post such a large image?” you ask — because I can.
If you need to jog your memory a little you can find help here and here. Apparently, there is a WWE show in town tomorrow tonight. A point proven when wrestler Chris Masters sat across the aisle from us. That man is very large, he must work out. Before we took off, Candice was writing feverishly on a legal pad for her blog on WWE.com. I asked her if she found the irony in handwriting something for the internet which caused made her laugh, and from there we talked for practically the whole flight. I have to say she was an easy laugh, and very, very nice. (Update: The blog she wrote is online here.)

Before you email me with your questions – Yes, she is hot. Yes, she is smart. Yes, she did actually talk to me the entire flight. Yes, she is hot.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 71,630

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