Week 30: One and done

This weekend was low stress, but high creativity. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon running errands with my driver in the afternoon and enjoying the rare sunshine after several straight days of Noah’s Ark type rain.

The evening was saved for the Dallas Desperados arena football playoff game against the Columbus Destroyers. Let me set it up for you: Dallas was the #1 seed with a league record 15 wins (with only 1 loss) and undefeated at home. Columbus was the #6 seed and limped into the playoffs with a losing record of 7-9. The Desperados were up by 10 at the half, but 2 kickoffs off the goal posts recovered for Columbus touchdowns in the first 90 seconds of the second half and the Desperados were playing catch-up and they never were able to regain the lead, and just like the Mavericks, the Desperados fall in the first round. Brutal.

Today, I was up at 7:30 am for my 9:15 flight. I got there early as I didn’t hit a single stop light en route to the airport, and made it there in under a half hour which could be land speed record.

I slept on flight, and when I landed I turned on my blackberry to find an email from my SC teacher Craig announcing that the “Harry Potter” movie premiere was today at Grauman’s Chinese Theater and there could be possible traffic trouble. Fortunately, the route I took to class didn’t show any signs of muggles or wizards.

Class continues to amaze me. With only 6 people in the group, we all have to contribute ideas and sketches for the shows to work. Craig does such a phenomenal job getting us ready for class and showing us new ways to harvest ideas. Today, he had us give 30 second individual monologues and then 2 people had to turn that monologue into a scene. One of the monologues was medication and after the scene we had a discussion about the scene which organically turned into a sketch about a day care center for overmedicated kids ala “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. We spent close to an hour discussing the idea and working on the beats and blocking. I think it’s a really funny idea, but more importantly, it satirizes the knee jerk impulses of parents to put their kids on a cadre of pills for things like ADD and other things that could be considered basic childlike behavior. That’s what Second City is about, satire, and I think this sketch nails it. What I really love about it is that it developed so quickly out of a group discussion.

After “Cuckoo”, Craig sent us off for a quick break, and paired us all up for a scene with specific instructions. I was paired with Ellen and given the instructions of staying seated and the scene had to be slow paced. After much discussion and debate, we went with the premise that we were quadriplegics. Before you start throwing things at me, the idea behind the scene is that my character has a crush on Ellen’s character and I had finally decided to make my feelings known. We’re not making fun of anyone, I promise. I would never, EVER poke fun at something like that. If I didn’t think it would allow us to examine a relationship then I wouldn’t do it.

Class ended and I had no problems getting to airport or returning my car. After going through security I grabbed a sandwich and some magazines for flight home. This week’s celeb sighting is Kevin James walking past me at the terminal. He’s very short, I’d say 5’8″ max.

The flight home was smooth and brought another short nap. Again, I had a quick trip home with only one stop light slowing me down, the 2nd to last one by the house.

I got home in time to tuck my driver into bed and I told her how weird it is to wake up in Dallas, go to work in LA and then go to sleep in my own bed in Dallas. It’s such an incredible privilege for me to get to do this and I’m so proud to say I’ve taken the risk to make it happen.

I’m going to bed and watch “Flight of the Conchords”…

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 74,100

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