Week 33: Job Opening

What started over a year ago last July is now heading into the home stretch. The final 12 weeks of The Second City Conservatory started this weekend and it started Saturday with this note on my suitcase:

Dearest Actor,

When I learned that you’re going to be taking the red eye back from Level 5 every Sunday night, I became concerned about the demands on my job as your driver. It is with a heavy heart that I must resign from my position as Actor’s Driver. I have enjoyed my time as your transportation consultant. If I could be so bold as to make a recommendation for the filling of this position, I would suggest that you drive yourself to the airport from now on and pay the necessary parking expenses. I hope this will not affect my current standing as employee of the month.


PS: I’m 6 months pregnant.

PPS: It’s twins.

This explains A LOT now. She hasn’t driven me to the airport for long time and I thought she looked different, but I didn’t want to say anything. In all seriousness, Melinda and I are happy to announce that after 2 long and very difficult years, she is pregnant with twins due November 15. I’ve kept from saying anything here for quite a while because we had to go the fertility treatment route and we wanted to make sure all was well before saying anything. We’ve codenamed them Dirk and LeBron for now and if you look back over the last couple of months worth of travelogues, you might notice I’ve been making references to babies, twins and titling them in pairs. I’m sure all 3 of you got the cryptic references and knew this was coming.

Before you ask:

– No, we don’t know the sexes.
– No, we’re not going to find out.
– No, we’re not naming them Dirk and LeBron…yet.
– Yes, our families are excited about this. Especially, her dad since I didn’t actually do it.

Now, on with the rest of the weekend, I was off Saturday morning to LA through Austin. I really love the Austin airport. It’s small, the interior is gorgeous, and they have live music in the terminal. I had a quick 45 minute layover and then it was on to LA.

Once in LA, I had lunch with Todd so we could put the finishing touches on the website I was producing for his television pilot Everyday Driver, and to polish a project I’ve been working on for a while that looks like it might see some light.

After lunch I realized I needed black pants for my Sunday night SC show so I headed over to…wait for it…the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I had dinner plans with my friends Steve and Kristin in Venice so I figured I could do my shopping on the way over. For dinner, we went to an awesome sushi place called Hama on the circle in Venice where we were joined by their friend Scott and his girlfriend. Then after dinner we went back to Steve and Kristin’s new house and hung out for bit.

Sunday was the first day of Level 5 and our first class with our new director, Holly Wartell. Since I’m only in town for the weekend Holly decided classes are going to run 12-6 starting next week which meant I had to forego the Level 5 writing show auditions. Since today was the first week, we only only went 12-3 so I had time to head back to Glendale, pack my suitcase, have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with Todd and Catherine, and be back at SC for a 7:30 call time for our 8:00 show.

At the show, we worked on some of older material and got some good notes, but the disappointing part was the fact that we only had 4 people in the audience, one of which was Ellen’s husband, Joel, who was taping the show for us to study. By the way, Joel is the man.

I jumped in the car after getting the show notes from Holly and headed over a few blocks to the Next Stage Theater where I was asked to sit in for 2 shows, the 9:00 Flyentologist Show and then the 9:45 Yummy Bunch Show. 2 different groups, 2 different shows, and helluva good time for me. Thanks to those guys for having me over and I’ll look forward to doing again soon.

And just like that it was time to head towards the airport for 12:20 am red eye. I’ve taken a handful of red eye flights before but this one was short because I boarded the plane, sat down, blinked and we were landing in Dallas. Those are the best kinds of flights.

And I get to do it all again next week, just without a driver.

Miles Traveled: 2.656
Total Miles: 82,010

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