Week 34: It can only get better

This week’s travel started just like last week’s, through Austin again. Upon arrival in LA, I headed straight to Sherman Oaks for a lunch meeting with Paul Ryan. I met Paul a couple of years ago at a workshop and we’ve stayed in touch since. I’m going to help him with a redesign of his website and he’s been very helpful with advice and contacts for me. Paul’s new book, “The Art of Comedy” is available on Amazon.

I had decided I was going to see a movie that night so I headed over to the Glendale Mall, but there weren’t any movies my babies mama didn’t want to see so no movie for me. Let me explain a couple of things, my driver is now my babies mama (see last week’s post) and we haven’t been able to go to any movies for a while with my travel and her required rest. There are some movies I want to see that she doesn’t (dumb ones, primarily like “Hot Rod”), but the list of movies we have to catch up on is close to 10. The last movie we saw together was “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, and “Shrek 3” before that.

After my failed movie run, I checked out the Glendale Mall and then headed over to Todd’s where we had just finished the trailer for his tv pilot, Everyday Driver. I remember talking about the site and pilot with Todd, then he went back to editing and I dozed off around 10:00. When I woke up at 12:45 am, Todd was putting the final “final touches” on the trailer and was loading it to YouTube. The trailer looks great, take a second a go check out the site. A lot of hard work went into it (thanks, Kit).

Sunday started with a frantic phone call from Melinda who had started to experience some symptoms that had her concerned so she headed to the emergency room under the advice of the on-call doctor at the OB/GYN. I was getting small bits of information from her and was waiting for the phone to ring to know if everything was ok. I immediately packed my bag and was looking into early flights home to be with her since I had nothing more to go on that a crying, freaked out pregnant woman. Now, all kidding aside, when we found out the twins were coming, I immediately looked at the calendar to try and see how much juggling would be involved between the end of Level 5 (Nov 2) and the due date (Nov 15). Melinda has been extremely supportive of this jet setting endeavor and I want to make sure she’s not stuck by herself too many times in case something like this happens. I have to admit I did beat myself up a bit for not being there, but she called back from the hospital to tell me everything was ok, Dirk and LeBron were in perfect shape and the symptoms she had were normal and explainable, but they wanted her to hang out for a bit and get a sonogram just to settle her mind. I made her promise to keep me posted and she sounded so much more at ease.

So I head to class in an off frame of mind only to go through the most terrible class of my entire SC experience. I didn’t understand the exercise we went through and the 6 hour classes are going to burn me out QUICK. After class we had an hour dinner break then a 7:30 call for the 8:00 show which was even worse than class. Some scenes came out of it that are workable, but the show as a whole really blew.

After notes, I skipped over to Next Stage again for a 9:00 Amigo Friends show. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve played with them and holy crap this was THE BEST SHOW EVER. Joel Veenstra sat in with us and he was incredible. Some hilarious choices that had us laughing offstage. I think he’s been unanimously voted into the group which is great for us. I stayed and watched the 9:45 Yummy Bunch show and before I knew it, it was 10:40 and I had to haul ass to the airport for the red eye home. Last week, I scheduled the Not the 12:20 am red eye so I hurried to make it to LAX. So I check in and I’m not on the 12:20, I’m on the the 1:00. Awesome. Who schedule’s these flights? Oh, yeah, I do..

Miles Traveled: 2,656
Total Miles: 84,666

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