Week 35: Back to 1

Hurricane activity in the Gulf has sprung bad weather on the Metroplex and this weekend started off with the threat of some severe storms. That’s fine, I’m used to it, but I had a print shoot scheduled for Dick’s Sporting Goods downtown on the top of a parking garage. I had was scheduled to shoot from 3:00-8:00, but had a 4:00 flight out to LA. I hadn’t changed my flight yet just in case the storms rolled through and washed out the shoot. Lucky for me, the clouds broke around 2:00 and on the way downtown I moved my flight to head out at 10:30 pm.

The print shoot went well, and I can now say I’ve been paid to play basketball. Granted it was only taking a couple of steps over and over, but I still got paid. Easiest paying gig of my career so far. I didn’t really even have to do anything. I was being “boxed out” by another guy in a mock 3 on 3 game as someone on my team is dunking the ball in the classic Air Jordan pose. I didn’t have to do anything but take 3 steps in, the photo gets taken, then “back to 1” (technical term for go back to where you started), take a break and eat a peanut butter sandwich. We took over 60-70 shots and the dunker was exhausted when we were through. I was full of oranges and peanut butter sandwiches. The final shot will be for a 7′ x 4′ display in local area Dick’s stores. I’ll post a jpeg of it when/if I get it.

Once the shoot was over I had 2 hours to get home, clean up, pack and head to the airport. Not a monumental task, but when I arrived at 10:00 pm and the kiosk wouldn’t let me check in would only give me a “you’re too late” printout. I was at the mercy of the oh so personable TSA agent that would only look at me, shrug her shoulders and say “go find an agent”. I stood there in front of her, looked both ways at the empty ticket counters and asked her how she recommend I do that. Again, I get the energetic “go find an agent” mantra. I told her I had a 10:30 flight, the kiosk wouldn’t let me check in and the counters were empty. I have to say I understand why the TSA is in existence. I understand these people have jobs to do, but when we’re the only 2 people in the terminal and all she can say is “go find an agent” I find that unacceptable. As I’m standing there seething and shooting daggers out of my eyes, I see an AA ticket agent walking by. I hurdle the stanchions and ask her if she can help me. Unlike the TSA agent, the agent said “of course” and proceeded to print out my ticket and get me on my way. I make it a point to be as polite as possible, but when I returned to security, I breezed through without saying a word or making any eye contact. I will also say this isn’t the first time this particular TSA agent has been rude to me. Once I got to the gate, I upgraded to first class since I had plenty of upgrades and I thought it would show the rude TSA agent a thing or two. No word yet, it thing 1 or 2 got back to her.

On the flight out, I read the first half of Jay Mohr’s book “Gasping for Airtime” about his 2 years on Saturday Night Live. Very insightful stuff. I landed in LA at 11:30 and make it to Todd’s in Glendale around 12:40. We catch up on some small things and I call it day.

Sunday morning, I took Todd and his wife Catherine to brunch in Montrose before heading to class. Class this week was much better than the previous 2 weeks. We had lots of stuff coming out of the newly organic environment. I applaud the rest of the group for making sure we got back on course, or back to 1, and really put plenty of ideas out there to build material around and being open to other ideas. After class, Mike, Ellen and I headed to CPK to unwind before the show. The show was good because we had all new material to work with and our attitude was much better. I will say that Level 5 is so much different that Level 4. The energy is different and we did our best work in Level 4.

After we got the notes on our class show, I again headed over to Next Stage with classmate Maria in tow for an Amigo Friends show. You will notice a pattern here since this show was INCREDIBLE. Better than the last one. During the show I broke on stage 3 times. I’ve never broken on stage prior to this, but this was the first times ever. I would give anything to be able to play with those guys every week. It’s so cool to be around these 8 geniuses. I feel like I’m batting 9th for the Yankees behind all these big guns.

I stayed to watch the Yummy Bunch and then headed to LAX for the 1:00 am red eye out, and I didn’t get home until 7:30 am. I only have time for a quick nap, then I have to be downtown for a 11:30 am national commercial callback. Today is going to be a long day. At least I requalified for Platinum Status on American with this trip and I did it the hard way by flying 50,000 miles this year.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 87,136

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