Week 36: 2 weeks until the season starts

This weekend started with my Fantasy Football draft at 9:00 am in Denton. I had the #1 pick, so I took LT. It’s always good to see everyone and the season starts in 2 weeks. After the draft, we had a quick lunch at Hooter’s in Denton then I had to rush to Carrollton for a North Texas Honda spec commercial at 1:00. I was planning on going straight to the airport for a 3:25 flight, but unbeknownst to me, I was stationed in a sand trap for an hour with 2 reflectors on me wearing a golf shirt and cargo pants – ugh. Once the shoot was over I was drenched and had to go home to shower so for the 2nd consecutive week, I moved my flight and left out at 7:00. I did get to some time to hang out with my driver, who drove me to the airport. I decided to upgrade to first class so I could eat on the flight and I also finished Jay Mohr’s book.

One of the benefits of all this travel is the Hertz free rental day I recently earned. When I got to the desk I asked the rep for something fun since I would have it for 2 days and with my free day, I was able to rent a BMW 328 on the cheap. I told Todd he could use the rental for a review on the Everyday Driver website under the condition he drive me to class and pick me up after the show. That way he had all day to shoot and I didn’t have to jack around with parking around Hollywood Blvd.

At Todd’s, we watched the Everyday Driver pilot in-studio footage that was shot that afternoon. I think this show is going to look good and I bet it gets picked up by the Speed Channel or HDNet.

Sunday’s class was good and things are picking up. I have to give major kudos to Tyler who has brought some great material the last 2 weeks. I’m am so proud of that guy, he’s really been bringing it lately. After class, I was off to CPK with Mike, Ellen, and Tyler where we celebrated Mike’s 26th birthday.

The class show was very good, we actually had an audience this week and they had a good response to Tyler’s stuff. We’re the last show on the bill so we usually end up performing to 4 or 5 people, tonight we had 10.The show notes were positive and we all left for the break knowing we were coming off 2 strong weeks but we also start our 1 hour shows in 2 weeks with a break in between. This is the homestretch and we really need to bring more material for these shows.

Todd, Catherine and her friend Lisell picked me up after the show with yogurt. Once we got home, I called home to check in with my babies mama, and I decided to change my flight out Monday to an earlier flight. Then Lisell left and Todd, Catherine and I got to catch up on things while Todd sorted through the BMW review footage.

I got out on the 9:15 flight this morning, my mom picked me up and I wasn’t wrecked from the red eye. It’s nice to be able to function during the day. I’m not taking the red eye again. At least not until Dirk and LeBron get here and I just have to. We have a sonogram tomorrow morning so I suspect the Twinfo site will be updated in a few days.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 89,606

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