Week 37: Ah, the joys of pregnancy…

Friday, my babies mama went to see her doctor for a headache that wouldn’t go away. Her doctor sent her to labor and delivery for her high blood pressure to be monitored. Around midnight, Dr. Jacobs ended up deciding to hold her overnight to give her shots every hour to try and curb what was determined to be pre-term labor. Melinda has her account up ohospital.jpgver at BentleyTwinfo.com

After a very late night Friday trying to get a majority of the stuff accomplished I had on the list for Saturday, I was up early to get the pups to the Doggie Zen Den for a playday and then I was off to the hospital. I brought Melinda breakfast and then she went right to sleep. She was off the every hour shot schedule and had almost no sleep. She responded well to the meds and we were eventually sent home from the hospital around 2:00.

I almost didn’t make the trip this week since I didn’t know what kind of shape she would be in, or if she could be left alone for any period of time. We spoke to Dr. Jacobs again and she said the meds didn’t have any side effects and as long as someone lived nearby, I should go ahead and go on the trip. Fortunately, my mom lives close by, and with Melinda’s urging, I finally decided I would go. By this time, it’s 3:00 and I’m faced with doing about 4 hours stuff in a 2 hour window before heading to the airport at 5:00. I got home and packed at 4:55. No problem, right? Now, logic should dictate to you when I lead with a “nothing could go wrong” question, you know something goes wrong. In this case, it was a 3 lane clogging traffic accident at the 121/114 interchange. That little 15 minute, 900 yard debacle almost made me miss my flight, but I had already checked in online so I wasn’t worried about missing the flight.

I finally get to the airport and head towards the gate. As I’m walking up, I see a lady dressed moderately hip, bending down to check something in her carry on bag. I assume that what she as doing because all I could see was her asscrack out of the top of her expensive jeans. I giggle to myself like a little girl then head towards the plane. Well wouldn’t you know it Ms. “I’m actually over 40 and trying to hang on to my youth by not wearing any drawers” steps up right next to me. She’s still fumbling with something and not watching where she is going so I slide right on by and head down the jetway. I stop a couple of steps in, move to the side and pull some magazines out of my suitcase. Ms. Crack walks by and asks me, fairly seriously come to find out – “is that a bomb?”

I understand the paranoia with it being so close to the 9/11 anniversary, but if I was in any shape or form going to do something so incredibly stupid would I stop right after getting on the jetway and prep my materials out in the open and then honestly tell you what I was doing? I guess being sly enough to get something like that past 2 NTSA guards and the gate agent, the first thing someone in that position should do is take it out immediately upon entering the jetway and wave it about. But instead, I froze, gave her a stone faced stare, looked her up and down and calmly replied “No. It’s not a bomb, but thank you for asking. I understand I give off that guy next door with a bomb vibe. Ever heard of underpants?” I’m pretty sure I got a response, but I really didn’t care what she had to say and she just kept moving.

The flight out was incredibly smooth and I was reading my bomb, I mean ESPN magazine, when I notice flash bulbs going off behind me. Now I appreciate a smooth flight just as much as the next guy, but never enough to document it with photographs. Then, the captain comes on and says that a large storm cell was straight ahead and we would be maneuvering around it. This explains the flashbulbs. I look out of my window and see what can only be compared to something out of a natural disaster film. This was the largest, darkest, most ominous cloud I had ever seen. Lightning bolts were flaring every direction and rain was just pouring out. The weirdest part was that by the time we were next to it, we had elevated way above the cell and I had the most spectacular view. It was gorgeous. Breathtaking and scary. I took a cameraphone pic of it, but it just didn’t do it justice. I’ve been so lucky to see some gorgeous sunsets (and a couple sunrises) from way up in the air, but this was absolutely beautiful.

When I landed in Burbank I had to pickup my rental car (I hate, hate, hate the Prius) and head over to Second City to meet with Mike, Tyler and Ellen to go over some new material for class since we had 2 weeks off. We had some great ideas bouncing around and I was starting to tire out for the stress and running around of the last 24 hours. I told them I needed to get some sleep and would see them tomorrow. Then I got to Todd’s and we stayed up chatting until after 1:00. I will admit I did see the last 1/4 of the MTV awards and I have to say it was all a joke. Britney, hotel suite parties, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fighting. Nice. If I’m the Maloofs, I look at just how bad the Palms Hotel needs MTV’s money going forward.

Sunday’s class was spent primarily reviewing current material for 1st one hour show, and the show went better than expected. We have a sketch titled “Obama” and it got huge laughs, but the out wasn’t strong enough. In the notes after the show, I suggested a new out so we might run it again this week to test the new out. If you see the show, you will know the sketch and just understand it’s a sketch, it’s offensive, but it’s a social satire in true Second City form. Wait, if you see the show, I might have to tell you which offensive social satire sketch I’m referring to out of the several we’ll run. :)

And now we get to today. A beautiful day that was supposed to start early with me flying home, but instead started early with American Airlines calling me to tell me my flight had been cancelled due to bad weather in Texas and I was rescheduled on a 3:30 flight. I decide to make the best of it and take Todd and Catherine to lunch and then to the bookstore. Again, everything is running smoothly and on-time so you know what that means. I got to the airport in plenty of time, returned the Prius, hit the unlock button on the driver’s door shut it, reach for the backdoor to grab my bag and…discover I locked the keys in car. The ladies at Hertz were so helpful. They immediately got a mechanic to start making a new key and I headed over to the gate some 20 yards away to check in. Keeping with the theme of the day, my morning flight that was cancelled, turned into a 3:25 flight that was now delayed to 6:25. So I checked in, sauntered back over the 20 yards to Hertz, got my bag out of car, thank the ladies and mechanic, went back to the airport and waited. And waited. And waited. The Burbank airport is essentially like the airport on the show “Wings”, there are no shops to cruise like in Dallas or Atlanta and the newstand is bare bones compared to the options at LAX. So I did the best I could and communicated with the my fellow classmates by text message to see if we could agree on a group name. I was furiously sending text messages getting everyone’s input right up until take-off, literally. Kudos to Maria on the name we settled on – “Premarital Sextet”. It creates a ton of opportunities for the marketing materials now.

I began reading Adrienne Barbeau’s book, “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” on the flight. There are 2 things I really like about Adrienne Barbeau….”Swamp Thing” and “The Cannonball Run”. Oh, grow up people.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 92,076

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