Week 38: Feeling defeated

Note: The week number in titles of my travelogues are about my Second City travels, not the twins. The twins are roughly 6 weeks behind me.

Friday brought the inevitable – cleaning out the room that is the soon to be nursery. I couldn’t believe it took that long to empty a small closet, but it did. Thanks to JC for coming over to help move some of the furniture out of the room, too.

Saturday afternoon was pretty uneventful. We gave away our daybed and hung out around the house. The flight out was nice and allowed me to finalizing prep for my dinner and script pitch to my friends Kristin and Steve. I started working on a script idea a couple of weeks ago as an exercise for myself with Steve in mind as the lead. Over some very good sushi in Venice, I made my pitch that was very well received and Steve liked my attention to detail and asked to see the script as soon as it is completed. What does this mean? Right now, not much other than Todd and I need to get rolling. Todd is an excellent writer and when I had the idea I took it to him for his input and he’s been very helpful in the pitch and outline process.

Sunday’s class brought something new learning songs with the brilliant Michael Pollack. All of the work we’ve done as a class writing lyrics came to fruition today as Michael brought in the songs he wrote from (but not all of) our compiled lyrics. I did get some lines in our closing number “Let’s Not Go To Extremes”. On the break, I was tracking fantasy football scores and noticed my QB, Carson Palmer, had put up an all time high of 74 points (an average is in the 20’s) yet I still lost. Absolutely brutal. During the break before the show, Ellen and I noticed an Emmy Party tent nearby on Cherokee. The show itself went well. I probably have a skewed perception because I had friends from Dallas that recently moved to LA in the audience. Thanks to Drew (who was visiting LA), Zach (literally less than 5 hours from driving into LA), Russell, and Aleta for attending the show. After the show, we got an hour of great notes from Second City Training Center Artistic Director Dave Razowsky. I performed well and got some great notes and recognition from Dave which validated my choices and made me feel very good. My level 5 experience hasn’t been as fun as the other 4 and I’ll leave it at that.

So today I was going out on the 10:50 flight from Burbank. Todd’s wife, Catherine gave me the advice that I could leave the house at 10:00. Well, I did, but the cut off to check in was at 10:20 and when I walked up to the desk at 10:25 I was told it was too late for me to check in. I wasn’t the only one as a guy next to me was trying to get on the same flight for a meeting in St. Louis that if he missed, he would be fired. Fortunately, the guy at the desk recognized me from all my weeks coming in and out of Burbank and I told him I didn’t have any carry-on baggage and already had a confirmed seat in first class (they upgraded me, I didn’t ask). It pays to be polite as the agent printed out boarding passes me for and the other guy, said “you owe me one” and off we ran to the gate. For those of you that have never been to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, running to the gate is equal to running to the mailbox – it’s not that far from ticket desk to gate. 2 steps into my race, or halfway there as it should be known, I stopped after noticing a guy in the Jet Blue line holding an Emmy. Man, those things are huge. There’s one more thing I can cross off my “closest I’ll ever get to a _____” list.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 94,546

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  1. The best thing about your Burbank Airport Nightmare is the Emmy. Classic LA moment there. And… when you win an award like that (esp since the Emmy is the size of a globe) is there anything you can do except carry it on?
    How awkward is that when you’re sitting there during the “put your seats upright and tray tables locked” speech. There you are… holding an Emmy in your lap and unable to see around you.
    And you know, no question, at least one person walked onto that person’s flight and genuinely asked. “oh… did you win an Emmy?” Now we know why they go off their plane with a dent in the side of their award.

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