Week 39: Coast to coast

Melinda’s shower was Saturday and it was very nice. Thanks to Lisa for her hard work, I appreciate it. (Don’t forget my JL stuff). I stopped by for a couple minutes at the start and got to see some familiar faces and some old faces, especially Melinda’s friend from college, Jena. I had to buy paint for the nursery and run some other errands during the shower so I cut out. One of the things I had to do was go over two sketches for class with Tyler and Ellen by phone. I thought I’d try to multitask and run lines while buying paint, but apparently that was a strange idea as I got several strange looks from the guy at the Home Depot paint counter who overheard me. After Home Depot, I decided to run over to the Apple Store to look at the new iPod nanos and was helped by Reggie who, along with his wife was, in our C-Section class last week. They are expecting a little girl and their C-section is scheduled for November 2. Reggie is such an excellent salesman that I bought an iPhone. Ok, it’s not like he had to twist my arm.

So I go back to pick up Melinda, load up the gifts, and say goodbye to everyone only to find her mom’s car was already loaded and almost everyone had just left. I went in to get Melinda and she asked what I did. “I bought the paint, ran lines and some other stuff (mumbling) like bought an iPhone.” My sister heard me and blurted out “You bought an iPhone?!” which brought questions from Melinda. She wasn’t very excited about the purchase, but she wasn’t pissed. Thanks for being a big mouth, Kelly.

The flight out was brutal. BRU. TAL. I had this crazy bitch sitting behind me and the flight seemed like it was taking forever. She was crazy, Brian? How did you know? Well, nameless reader let me cite specific examples:

– She walked on to the plane wearing 4 hats. All at once.
– She rocked in her chair 90% of the flight.
– She sang the same reggae song in her broken spanish/french/whateverthehell over a dozen times
– She chewed out the stewardess for not having any bottled water. Really.
– She gave love advice to a girl in her early 20’s. Sitting a row behind her. At the top of her voice. The same volume she used to sing the crappy reggae song, by the way.
– When I got up to go stand at the back of the plane for solace, she was on all fours in the aisle of the plane.

Once at the back of the plane, the stewardess asked me if I wanted a drink. I told her I didn’t drink, but this would be reason enough to start. Since the flight was full, I asked the stewardess if I could hang out in the back for a while, she laughed and told me I could hang out as long as I needed.

Sunday’s class was more work on the 2 songs and introduced the song’s choreography with Carrie Ann. I’m not a singer or a dancer, but I was surprised how well I made it through in decent shape. The show went well, too, as we start to finalizing our material for the final show run.

Mon I was en route to Atlanta via Dallas for an agent meeting. It’s very odd to have a layover in your own home airport. I even saw the FC Dallas soccer team. They played (and lost) in LA Sunday night. No, they were not on my flight in. I watched Top Gear’s Polar special and the season premiere of “Prison Break” on the flight to Atlanta, thanks iPhone. My friend Kenn picked me up and we went to dinner with his girlfriend, Deborah.

Tuesday, I had my meeting with Brenda Pauley at The People Store, a big Gulf coast agency. I was referred to them by Rhoda Griffis, whom I met at my “Friday Night Lights” audition in Austin a while back. Brenda was very nice and brought the commercial and print agents into our meeting and had me read for them as a group. When I got there, they gave me a scene to prepare and read from “House” as the lead character, a dry sarcastic doctor named House. I glanced at the page, saw what it was and said “Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go.” Talk about luck. The read went well, I got laughs and was immediately signed. So now I’m covered by The People Store from the Carolinas to Louisiana with some presence in LA. This is also good because they have a great relationship with casting director Mark Fincannon and the people that do Lifetime’s “Army Wives”. Hopefully, this is going to be the start of something good. Thanks again to Rhoda for the kinds words and referral and Brenda, Rebecca, Jeffrey and Jen for their time.

After the meeting, I was supposed to hook up with my friend Ralph from college, but he was deterred so we couldn’t hook up. I hung out with Deborah for the remainder of the afternoon and was looking forward to my flight home….until it got cancelled due to the FAA tower in Memphis losing power and phone capabilities. Nothing East of Memphis was getting out and I was stuck. It was a tough negotiation to get a flight out and I ended up on a 6:45 am flight out. Thanks to Kenn and Deborah for letting me stay with them and impose for an extra day.

So today I got up at 4:45 am, and then had a full day of work to do. Long day, long weekend. Ugh.

Miles Traveled: 3,934
Total Miles: 98,480

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