Week 40: Winding down

A light weekend as we start winding down the Sunday classes…

Saturday night I had dinner with Todd and we talked about the twins impending arrival amongst other topics. I love getting the time to talk with him because he’s extremely intelligent and it’s always a great conversation. Kudos to Todd for his choice of Ribs USA for dinner.

Sunday’s class was spent tightening and finalizing the 2 songs, rehearsing our dancing, and finalizing sketches. It also included me watching football scores and finally winning a fantasy football game.

We had the last Sunday night hour long preview show. We ran both of our songs and they were probably at 90%, but got a good review from Michael Pollack who has seen a lot of these things so his input is really inspiring.

Today was the standard flight home from Burbank, ho hum. I went over 100,000 miles with this trip and did it in just under a calendar year of traveling. No, I did not receive a medal or a cookie.

Next week is my last Sunday. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 100,950

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