Week 42: And away we go

The week started with Melinda going to the doctor Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to have her blood pressure checked. It’s been running high and the doctor wanted to monitor her, but since Melinda is on bedrest her blood pressure goes through the roof when she’s up and around (or called into the doctor’s office). The doctor seems to think the twins could be here next week. We’ll see. Knowing it could be sooner than later, we decided on names for the dynamic duo Wednesday night.

Thursday, I took my car to shop before heading to the airport. The ABS light kept coming on randomly so I wanted to get that fixed ASAP. On the flight out, I slept and after landing I went to a quick dinner with Todd and Catherine. From there, I had to get to the theatre for our tech rehearsal and notes from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am.

Friday, I got to sleep in and then went to In & Out for lunch (1st time in all of these trips). I had the afternoon off so I decided to go to the Beverly Center and run some other errands. While out, I got a message that my car will be in shop for a while and there were some parts being ordered. I decided to head over to my happy place, the 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica, and stopped by my friend Steve’s for a quick hello. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Burbank to pick Ellen up. We’ve had a routine of carpooling and going to Taco Bell before shows, then to 7-11 for slurpees after. What I forgot was that at 6:30 on a Friday, traffic on the 405 sucks, but I made it back and we barely made it at our call time.

The first show was good, but the audience was great. Do you letterman.jpgwonder why? It was stacked with my friends Russell, Aleta, Patricia, Jim, Jim’s Friend, Todd, Cate, and Paul. Thanks you guys so much for coming and being supportive, but more importantly, thanks for being so vocal and giving us some great energy. Once the show was over, we were to receive “some quick notes”…..fast forward to an hour later and it’s pouring rain. I was in a horrible mood and slurpee time with Ellen and Joel (her husband) wasn’t as jovial as normal. I missed my friend Eric Buss doing his Spring Snake Symphony on David Letterman, but Melinda did Tivo it. Congrats to Eric, he’s a great guy and incredible magician. Here’s a pic he sent me from the taping.

This morning I woke up, got out of bed and had some immense left foot pain. I could barely put any weight on it. I have no idea how it happened, but it’s no bueno. At Burbank Airport I saw baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson and Dom Purcell of “Prison Break”. I watched the last 3 episodes of Prison Break on plane and some Ricky Gervais video podcasts. My mom picked me up and took me to pick up my loaner car then I came home to chill out with Melinda and her mom.

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 105,890

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