Week 43: A packed house

This week was a quick trip as I would leave and return within 24 hors. On the flight out to Burbank, I watched the pilot for the NBC show “Journeyman” on advice from Melinda and slept. Upon arrival, I realized I forgot to book my rental car online, but luckily they had cars for Hertz Gold members so I got an Impala. From the airport, I picked Todd up and we went off to dinner and then to Old Navy because somebody forgot to take his dry cleaning in time this week.

We had an 8:30 call time this week to re-work the choreography for our final song, or so we thought we were. Our choreographer Kerri Ann’s new stuff was too much to learn for the show so we enhanced what we had. There was a very weird, negative energy in the room.

The show itself was GREAT. We had a packed house, Bonnie Hunt included, and during the opening number I go to the center row, but when I stepped out to do it I realized there was no row. They had added chairs to the center row and both sides to accommodate the sellout audience. The show flew by and we had such a great audience. At one point, I looked out in the audience during our “Bus Stop” sketch and saw Bonnie Hunt laughing. This was “the moment” for me. I admire Bonnie Hunt and have what could probably be classified as a comedy crush on her. To see her laughing so hard at a sketch Ellen and I worked so hard on was such an incredible feeling. In the old historic Second City photos that line the hall to the theater, there’s one halfway down on the right side with Bonnie Hunt. I don’t think I can truly put into words what it feels like to see someone you admire enjoying your work. There’s was a millisecond where I saw her laughing, realized she was laughing, had this little epiphany and felt this huge wave of joy/anxiety/accomplishment without ever leaving the sketch.

After show, I walked out of the green room only to be standing right in front of…Bonnie Hunt. I neglected to be “that guy” so i didn’t say anything to her, but several people in her party came over and shook my hand and told me how much they enjoyed the show. We got to spend some time mingling with the audience and thanking people for coming, which was a new thing. Then we had the quickest post-show notes yet and discussed doing 2 more shows in November with our current director staying on. We agreed 6-0 to extend the show and 6-0 for our director to stay on, but she didn’t immediately agree. Not sure what that means…Then Ellen, Matt, Tyler and I popped into La Cantina right across the street for a quick drink before Ellen and I took off for slurpee time. Around 1:40 am I got to Todd’s and went over some fantasy football stuff with Cate. Quick aside, thanks to the bye weeks, I’m going to get drubbed this week. Goodbye 3 game win streak. After helping her, I checked in for my flight online then went to bed around 2:45 am.

I was awakened by my friend Drew who called a couple times between 7-8 am for help outputting his movie, “The Last Tomorrow”, from his computing for a screening in Tyler tonight. After a couple confabs, I fell back asleep and woke up at 9:45 with little time to get to the airport so I skipped breakfast. When I got to Bob Hope Airport I tried to reprint my boarding pass but was told I was too late, again. I have no idea how you can check in then not be checked in, but it happened to me. Once again, I was recognized by the ticket agent who printed off my boarding pass without any troubles. Today was the one time security was slow, but there were only 6 of us in line. Anyway, as I stood 20 yards from the gate I could see and hear that my flight was in final boarding and I wondered if my luck was going to finally run out and I would be stuck. Alas, I finally made it through security and made it to the gate only to stand and wait for 5 minutes due to an overwhelmed gate agent who thought everyone had boarded the flight. I finally got to eat on plane then I decided to sleep the rest of the way. A very nice couple from Ft. Lauderdale that had been working in LA for 2 weeks as part of a bank merger sat next to me on the trip home. I spoke to the briefly on the last 20 minutes of the flight. I didn’t catch their names, but they were very nice people.

That’s it. I little bit more exciting than last week. I’ve got a ton of prep stuff to do this weekend. We have our final sonogram Tuesday afternoon and hopefully Dirk and LeBron will stay in there until Nov 1. ;)

Miles Traveled: 2,470
Total Miles: 108,360


  1. I’d like it noted… that you down play things like the whole Bonnie Hunt thing… to my face. And then, I get to read later how much it actually means to you.

    I see how it is! Ah-huh. ;-)

    You deserve ALL the accolades. Trust me. I’ve seen your work.

  2. Congrats! I just got your message; don’t won’t to call back b/c it’s after midnight. I’m very excited for you two!!

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